We work with clients to analyze business technology issues within their businesses. We assist clients with the following areas:

  1. Developing an appropriate IT strategy: We work with clients to develop a clear IT strategy that fully supports their business objectives
  2. Regulatory and compliance: We are well placed to assist organizations with regulatory and compliance needs. We have a great deal of experience in identifying and controlling financial and operational risks embedded in business systems
  3. IT risk management and controls: We help clients optimize their risk management and controls architecture, specific to IT
  4. Sourcing: We offer guidance on appropriate strategies for outsourcing or offshoring IT services, and help to ensure that effective controls are implemented
  5. Cost optimization: We work with clients to help identify the most effective ways to take costs out of a business
  6. Logistics and supply chain issues: We examine various aspects of processes and technology, and make recommendations for helping to optimize efficiency. This is one of the areas where IT can have the greatest impact