What are your database challenges?

  • Do you need to provide on-going management to your database servers but have limited or no in-house database resources?
  • Do you need a higher level of database skills than you currently have in house to undertake a specific database infrastructure project or solve a support or troubleshooting issue?
  • Are you looking to expand or support an existing business intelligence (BI) solution, or implement a new or self-service BI platform but lack the internal skills to provide on-going support for the solution or to consolidate to a Microsoft-only BI platform?
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    Ensuring that business information remains highly available, current and secure is critical to maintaining competitive advantage. Our Microsoft business intelligence consulting and managed services are geared towards the design, customisation and support of infrastructure that delivers reliable and sustained peak performance. Our technical consultants understand your database and business intelligence needs and issues and can develop proven, best practice, cost effective, sustainable and measurable solutions. We have extensive experience and expertise to take ownership of critical deliverables, reduce risk and deliver successful outcomes. This allows you to realise cost savings, remove complexity, operate more efficiently, improve the return on your investment (ROI), and be more proactive.

    Our team of highly skilled BI developer can assist in transforming even the most complex data into powerful data models that can be easily understood and analyzed using familiar data analytics and exploration tools, such as Excel or Power BI.

    We deliver actionable business insights based on trusted data to help set your company apart from the competition with BI capabilities built into SQL Server 2014 & 2016