Kerio Control

Kerio Control is ideally suited for networks that require strict user-based security policies and detailed traffic analysis and reporting. Available as a software, virtual, or hardware appliance.

Protect your network from viruses, malware and malicious activity using this easy-to-administer security solution, which includes a next generation firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway antivirus, VPN, and web content and application filtering.

Protect against evolving threats with application layer firewall, antivirus protection and P2P eliminator

Intrusion Prevention System (Firewall)

ICSA Labs Certified Firewall
Application Layer and Network Firewall
  • Signature based packet analysis
  • IP Blacklisting
  • Rule management
  • Industry accepted standard test criteria
  • Corporate level criteria - enforces default security policy immediately after installation
  • Secure access remote administration - all changes to seecurity policy are logged
  • Create inbound and outbound traffic policies
  • Protect Servers without the need for a DMZ through application-friendly NAT reversal
  • Perform stateful packet and protocol inspection and logging
  • Anti-virus Protection

    Web Filter

    VPN Server

  • Filter viruses and worms from incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Simplify deployment with integrated SOphos engine
  • Dual anti-virus ready for extra protection
  • Block access to websites with harmful or innapropiate content
  • 53 Different categories of web content
  • Apply categorization to traffic statistics
  • Unlimited site to site connections
  • Mac, Windows, and Linux VPN clients
  • Clientless SSL-VPN for Windows networks
  • Kerio Control gives you the power to control user internet activity and productivity with user-based policies, internet monitoring and web content filtering. With Kerio Control you can Manage(Integrate with Active Directory for simplified password management and Monitor and restrict Internet access based on user login),
    Monitor(View and print individual Internet activity and identify Internet abuse and bandwidth bottlenecks),
    Restrict(Minimise liabilities abd prevent data leakage and harmful downloads from peer-to-peer [P2P] networks)

    There is so much more you can do with Kerio Control

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    Increase the bandwidth efficiency and availability with link load balancing, bandwidth limiter and connection failover

    Link-load balancing

  • Distribute internet traffic across multiple links with Internet Link load balancing, automatically disabling and re-enabling links to ensure continuos Internet access.
  • Improve the perfomance of high bandwidth services such as VOIP or video conferencing
  • Bandwidth Limiter

  • Protect your network from bandwith-hogging web and application traffic such as streaming video pr block peer-to-peer networks
  • Set daily or monthly usage quotas for individuals
  • Connection failover

  • Maintain connectivity for critical applications (email, SQL, web)
  • Automatically switch to second internet connection in the event of an internet outage
  • Flexible Deployment

    Bring secure operations to any IT environment, now and going forward.

    Deploy as a software appliance, a virtual machine, or a performance-optimized hardware appliance. Remote deployment of hardware appliances is easier and faster than ever before with self-provisioning through MyKerio.

    Kerio Control supports your organization’s IPv6 strategy, whether you’re transitioning from IPv4 or use both protocols. And you can use your favorite SNMP tools to monitor Kerio Control’s status.