Service Level Agreement

At infinIT, we know how critical technology is to your organisation. That’s why we offer structured service level agreements and managed services with response guarantees that provide continuous monitoring, support, management and control to maximise business continuity and productivity.
Our service level agreements give your business the flexibility to select certain services and support options with additional support requirements met on an hourly AdHoc basis.

Major Service Level Agreement (SLA) benefits:

  • Increased productivity due to minimising critical failures and resolving problems faster
  • Maximise business continuity: proactive monitoring and alerting allow for the resolution of issues prior to failure
  • Proactive maintenance keeps your infrastructure operating optimally and reduces emergency incidents
  • Continual monitoring tracks whether your critical network devices are functioning optimally and helps to solve problems before they impact your business negatively
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance keeps your servers, devices and other key infrastructure updated and secure Server management provides an effective solution for managing physical and virtual servers
  • Patch management helps to control and continuously update the security and system patches on your servers and devices for optimal performance and security
  • Security management with best-in-class security, Antivirus and Anti-Spam solutions
  • Optimise infrastructure performance by analysing trends to identify performance issues and upgrade requirements
  • Inventory and asset management provides automated, comprehensive tracking, reporting and control of all hardware and software within your environment
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) manages and removes all your software risks, while improving the maturity of your software environment
  • Remote control service allows for remote access and management of all computers in the network with a complete audit trail
  • Service desk provides service for extensive and efficient operation of incident management and the IT life cycle

  • 24/7 Telephonic Support

    On-site Support

    Computer Maintenance & Support

    Antivirus Definition Updates

    Printer Support

    Remote Assistance

    2 hour guranteed response time*

    Software Updates & patches

    *Terms and conditions apply

    Is this YOU?

    1. Do you rely on your computer network, email, database access and internet access to support daily business processes?
    2. Do not have sufficient staff or time to formally deal with proper computer or network maintenance, updates or repairs?
    3. Do you want to pay one monthly flat fee for services to maintain your IT infrastructure

    Benefits of using infinIT as your Managed IT Support Service Provider

    Reduced Downtime

    Proactive Solutions

    Faster Response Time

    Access to Professional IT Staff

    Predictable Spending

    Peace of Mind

    GET an SLA from only R 3,500p.m TODAY!

    Email or call 010 3125190

    On-site IT Support

    We fully understand that each company is different. We will spend time with you to better understand your environment, and tailor-make a support solution that best suits your individual requirements. We have three types of on-site Support:

    Scheduled weekly support
    Via an SLA

    Dedicated on-site support
    - Engineers on site on a full day or basis(via an SLA)

    AdHoc / Pay as you go Support
    - No contracts only pay for it when you need it

    Remote IT Support

    infinIT Remote Support services simplifies IT support by letting technicians monitor and control remote computers, servers, and network devices over the internet or network. With the use of specialised software from one of the industry leaders in remote IT support, our technicians can see what customers see and control their computers for support. Seeing the screen helps decrease on-site visits, reduce phone support, and increase effective response to high priority issues. This results in less down time for our clients and quicker response times. Some of the benefits of Remote IT Support include:

    1. Support needs can be addressed much faster and issues resolved quicker because the technician can immediately address the situation.
    2. Support costs are lower because it takes less time to address and resolve issues, and there is no travel time involved.
    3. Remote support allows both you to scale support to meet business needs without geographical restrictions. We can support a new branch in Cape Town as easily as we can support one in Durban, without adding the costs of new staff, etc.
    4. The majority of support needs can be done remotely and do not require onsite services.
    5. The IT technician can access your system from anywhere at any time, without geographical restrictions.

    GET IT Support from only R 3,500p.m TODAY!

    Email or call 010 3125190

    Software and Hardware Sales

    We supply all major IT products at the quickest possible time. Our well established vendor relationships and brand independence allows us to provide customized solutions at competitive prices. Quotes will be emailed through to you and any questions will be happily answered. A core service of this division is its ability not only to supply equipment, but also to manage, arrange service and support it throughout its life cycle.

    server rack

    Business Server Solutions

    • Rackmount Servers
    • Tower Servers
    • Blade Servers

    End-User Computing

    • Desktops
    • Laptops
    • All-in-one Computers

    Printers and Scanners

    • Inkjet / Laserjet Printers
    • All-in-one Multi Function Printers
    • Copiers

    Network Equipment

    • Switches and Routers
    • Access points
    • Firewall


    • Genuine Microsoft Software
    • Antivirus
    • Applications Software


    • Printer Toners
    • Ink catridges
    • Storage media